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Core competences: Toolmaking, plastic injection molding, turning systems

If you need injection molded components that meet the highest of standards on a sustained basis, you have to be able to rely on your cooperation partner comprehensively from the initial discussion of the design and the tools to the injection molding production. This is especially true of sophisticated multi-component technology.

That is why you should work together with us right from the start. Because then you can be certain that everything you need for the perfect production of high-quality plastic components is all supplied by one company. Fine-tuned to meet your individual requirements.

You receive comprehensive liaison and support and all-round service from us throughout the project, provided by a single contact person who is able to answer all your questions.

We supply you with injection molding tools for single and multi-component applications, high-quality plastic parts with up to five components from our own production as well as reliable hydraulic and electric turning units. You can rely on our precision work. We combine proven technology with a robust design and a trouble-free production run.

All turning units are also available as an index plate system or with a conversion kit for an index plate system.

Kunststoffspritzguss Maschine


Injection molds need to work for a long time smoothly and precisely. Distortion and burr-free parts are characterizing the whole series production.

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Kunststoffspritzguss Formen

Plastic Injection Molding

Speed is first priority in injection molding production too, in order to be able to work really cost-effectively...

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Kunststoffspritzguss Ringe

Plastic Injection Molding

A production series always runs optimally when there are no problems in the everyday production routine.

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Turning Systems

Our hydraulic and electric turning units work either as a turntable or as a turn-tilt plate. Thus the pre-molds used for multi-component tools can be positioned fully automatically for final injection...

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